BBB ProfileFireproofOfficeFiles, a Blue-Hen, Inc. brand, bridges the worlds of traditional fire cabinet dealers and e-commerce dealers. What you get with FireproofOfficeFiles is the best of both of these worlds by receiving world class live person sales and support with e-commerce pricing. Now you don't have to worry about service after the sale or high prices because we solved both of those problems.

1986 Philadelphia was a much different city than it is today. It was the crazy 80's and businesses were booming. New office furniture brands were few and far between but the stalwart players were fully embedded in the culture of the northeast's office environments. Enter Henry Diekhaus. An experienced commercial furniture salesman from Delaware, Henry had the experience and enthusiasm, not to mention the savvy to start an independent furniture showroom in the heart of Philadelphia with the goal of providing a different approach to commercial furniture. Henry's idea then, as it is our mission today, is not to be all things to all people. Rather we have curated only the smartest products from the smartest brands in the industry. In 2003, Henry was on the leading edge again, launching one of the first web stores that focused on selling business furnishings. The industry thought he was crazy. Henry thought he had a good chance of filling the needs of customers who couldn't or didn't want to visit his showroom in downtown Philly. Henry got it right. For the next 15 years, Henry grew Blue Hen Office into one of the leading E-Commerce commercial furnishings company on the east coast. Deciding it was time to slow down and enjoy the life he had built for himself Henry's friend and protege, James Graves took over at the helm of Blue Hen in 2018. Under James' management new innovations have fueled growth exponentially. Now Blue-Hen is one of the nation's leading e-tailers of commercial office furniture, storage and filing systems. Now headquartered in Asheville, NC, Blue-Hen leads the pack in customer service, value added services and product offerings. Much attention is paid to employee training and development so that we can provide our customers the best buying experience anywhere. Looking to the future more innovations are in the making that will further our customer experience. Onward!